How to Support Us

  • make a donation - all donations no matter how small are very gratefully received. Please see below for information on how money is spent
  • add your name to our members' petitions
  • join us for campaigns & events
  • set up a standing order - please see our form at bottom of page, even just £2.00 a month will make a difference 
  • keep up to date with what we do - join our mailing list, follow us on Twitter & Facebook
  • become a volunteer
  • tell other people about our work

Donations - what they are spent on, and why they are vital to our work

We are a voluntary group offering practical and social support to lesbian and bisexual refugees and asylum seeking women. We began life in 2007, and in 2009 we adopted a formal group constitution which details the scope of our work, and how money is spent.

Our work includes:
  • Organising monthly meetings as a safe space for socialising, discussion of campaigns and legal cases and individual support needs.
  • Accompanying women to appointments at Dallas Court, the Home Office and with solicitors and others as appropriate.
  • Supporting immigration court cases by attending court hearings, standing as witnesses and writing statements of support.
  • Researching information about (mis) treatment of lesbians in countries outside the UK to support asylum claims.
  • Working with and sharing information with other organisations, such as Asylum Aid, Community Arts Northwest, Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research to name but a few.
  • Raising funds to support the group's activities

For most of our members the group is the only safe space they experience in which they can relax and be open about their sexuality and their experiences and make friends.

Many refugee and asylum seeker communities have brought the homophobia of their home countries with them so our members do not feel able to be out in other groups and organisations. We have supported women from Liberia, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uganda, Saudi Arabia and The Gambia.

Members face violent and abusive homophobic treatment in their home countries.  Applying for asylum involves leaving family and friends behind, probably forever, in the hope of being able to establish a safe new life. If their legal cases fail they face being returned to further homophobic violence and possibly death in their home countries.

How do we pay for all this?
Over the years we have made successful applications to The Women’s Trust Fund, the Feminist Review Trust, Pride Community Fund and the Allen Lane Foundation. We have organised some fundraising activities and we are constantly looking for new possibilities for funding including applications to trusts. 

What is the money for?
  • Travel expenses for refugee and asylum seeking lesbians to attend the monthly support group meetings, social events, Home Office interviews etc
  • Refreshments for the monthly support group meetings (we meet over lunchtime on a Saturday as this is the time that suits most members of the group)

How can you help?

By setting up a standing order for £2.00 per month, or more, or making a one off donation you can literally help to save lives. 

Please see our Standing Order form below. You can copy and paste this as a Word document and send to your bank.

LISG: Standing Order Form


To the manager of:

                                                             Bank/ Building Society                                                        

Address of Bank/Building Society:
PLEASE PAY the sum of: £………………………
Amount in words........
To: HSBC, Account number :70464252  Sort code: 40 11 56 Account name: Lesbian Immigration Support Group
Date of first/only payment: 
And thereafter on the last/first/ day of the month/quarter/year until further notice in writing
Account Name:
Account Number:
Sort code:                                                                                                                                          
Start date:


Please send this to YOUR bank. It would be very useful to us if you could notify us of your donation by emailing us:

Thank you for your support

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