Unfortunately unable to accept new members at present

Due to capacity issues, we are unfortunately unable to accept new members at present. We will post an update when we are open again to new members.

Please note the following organisations offer support to asylum seekers in Manchester:

  African Rainbow Family (ARF) https://africanrainbowfamily.org/ is a non-for-profit organisation that support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender intersexual and queer (LGBTIQ) people of African heritage. It was established in the wake of the toxic and draconian anti-gay laws, persecutions and environment which seek to criminalise LGBTIQs for the preference of whom they choose to love. ARF provides:
·         Support LGBTIQ Refugees and People Seeking Asylum
·         Campaigning For Global LGBTIQ Equality
·         Stand Against Hate Crimes
·         Support communities who face constant harassment, hate crimes and discrimination heaped on them by an ignorant society because of their sexuality or sexual preferences as well as transphobia

First Wednesday
Meetings of the First Wednesday group for LGBT asylum seekers take place at the LGBT Foundation from 3.30pm to 5.30pm on the first Wednesday of each month. Offer friendship, support and encouragement, and guidance on where you can receive further support.

Women Asylum Seekers Together http://www.wast.org.uk/what-is-wast/ 
  • Providing a safe and secure women only space and a source of support for each other, social and emotional
  • Empowerment for one another, sharing knowledge and information, skills and experiences.
  • Helping each other take forward our asylum applications and run campaigns.
  • Promoting and improving our skills and experience.
  • Involving ourselves in organisational and community development activities and networking with other groups.
  • Raising awareness and lobbying on Women’s Asylum issues.
  • Promoting a positive image of asylum seekers.

For information on further sources of support, please visit the following page on our website: LGBT asylum - useful information & support organisations