Getting out and about, new Manchester Law Centre and updated Right to Remain Toolkit

We've had a busy start to 2016.

In January we were invited to Poynton High School diversity day to talk to students about LGBT asylum.

February we visited a new lesbian asylum support group which has been set up in Nottingham, the group details are here http://www.nottinghamwomenscentre.com/lesbian-immigration-support-group/

Then at the end of March we popped to Liverpool to talk to founders of a new LGBT Asylum and Refugee Support Group. You can follow them on twitter here

We often get requests for assistance from people around the country, so it is fantastic that these new local groups are there to offer support. Please see our links page for information on other support groups around the country. 

We are really exited to hear about the Greater Manchester Law Centre steering group, a soon-to-be law centre offering free, high-quality legal advice and representation for our communities. This is fantastic news after law centre provision being lost across Manchester because of recent austerity cuts and access to legal aid severely curbed. The next GMLC supporters and members group meeting is next Tues 26 April, 6.30pm at the Mechanics Institute, Manchester - more info here 

It's great news that one of our refugee members has been selected to attend a LGBT refugee football event in Paris in June :-) 

An updated version of the fantastic Right to Remain Toolkit has recently been published. This step by step guide to the UK immigration and asylum system gives an overview of the legal system and procedures, with detailed information on rights and options at key stages, and actions you can take in support of your claim, or to help someone else.