Jamaica's Underground Gays

Last Friday Channel 4’s Unreported World documentary explored the growth of homophobic attacks in Jamaica. 'Jamaica's Underground Gays' focuses on a group of gay men and transwomen who live on the margins of society. Fleeing homophobia in their home communities they’ve banded together to gain strength in numbers. After being evicted from a series of squats, they now live a precarious existence in a storm drain.

The documentary is available to watch on 4OD until around 20 June. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/unreported-world/4od#3705272

The status of lesbians in Jamaica

There are no laws specifically targeting gay women in Jamaica; however lesbians and those women perceived to be gay face discrimination, stigma, harassment and abuse from the wider society.

Members of our support group, who fled Jamaica after suffering abuse at the hands of their local community, have spoken of how devastated they feel that their own country doesn’t want them just because of who they love.


J-Flag is a Jamaican social justice organisation which aims to challenge homophobia and perceptions about LGBT people. Check out its excellent ‘We Are Jamaicans’ video series http://jflag.org/programmes/we-are-jamaicans/