Seeking donations of 1980s style clothes for Manchester Pride parade

Hello all

Can you help please?

We are looking forward to strutting our stuff in the Manchester Pride parade on 24 August.

This year's parade theme is 'Acceptable in the 80s? & we aim to stroll through the streets of Manchester in some fabulous 1980s style fashion. However all the money we raise gets spent on essential group running costs, so we have no spare cash for costumes.

So donations of 1980s style clothes would be greatly appreciated. Our members are all shapes and sizes, and we'll gladly take men's or women's clothes.

We'd like anything from the shoulder pad and pearls high glam of Dynasty's Alexis Carrington; to hip hop fashion of Salt n Pepper & RUN DMC; to 'loasda money' yuppie chic; to beads & bangles like Madonna or Boy George; or bright day-glo T-shirts / leggings

If you have anything to donate, please leave a message on our phone: (0) 7503 351922 or tweet us @lisg_manchester

thank you very much :-)

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