Lift to London October 24? Our members are keen to attend the launch of Double Jeopardy guide to working with LGBTIQ refugees

Last year some of our members attended a conference at University of Greenwich called "Double Jeopardy" about the particular difficulties of being LGBTIQ and an asylum seeker or refugee.
The DoubleJeopardy action research project is holding a meeting in London to share their findings, and to launch a guide for LGBTIQ organisations and refugee community organisations on how best to support LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers.

Our members have been invited and are keen to attend, but the organisers have no funds to support travel or accommodation. LISG funds are low and we need to prioritise other expenses.

Can you help please? Either by offering a lift to London on October 24th, or by making a donation specifically for members to attend this event?

If so please email us at: lisg.manchester(at)yahoo.co.uk, or tweet us @lisg_manchester

Many thanks!

Could you offer short or long term accommodation to a LISG member? A spare bed or a room?

Could you offer short or long term accommodation to a LISG member? A spare bed or room

We sometimes need to find safe housing for a LISG member who has been refused asylum and therefore also all financial support, and who is at risk of being deported. Safe accommodation means that the woman is then able to focus on preparing a new application or an appeal or fixing a solicitor.

Women in this position do not have the money to pay rent, though they may receive minimal subsistence money or food support from various refugee and asylum support organisations.

Please see our contact page and get in touch for an initial informal chat.

Thanks for thinking about it. ....And please pass this on.


Seeking donations of 1980s style clothes for Manchester Pride parade

Hello all

Can you help please?

We are looking forward to strutting our stuff in the Manchester Pride parade on 24 August.

This year's parade theme is 'Acceptable in the 80s? & we aim to stroll through the streets of Manchester in some fabulous 1980s style fashion. However all the money we raise gets spent on essential group running costs, so we have no spare cash for costumes.

So donations of 1980s style clothes would be greatly appreciated. Our members are all shapes and sizes, and we'll gladly take men's or women's clothes.

We'd like anything from the shoulder pad and pearls high glam of Dynasty's Alexis Carrington; to hip hop fashion of Salt n Pepper & RUN DMC; to 'loasda money' yuppie chic; to beads & bangles like Madonna or Boy George; or bright day-glo T-shirts / leggings

If you have anything to donate, please leave a message on our phone: (0) 7503 351922 or tweet us @lisg_manchester

thank you very much :-)


'Can You Hear Me?' Art Project Preview at LGF 26 & 27 July

There is a preview of Art Project 'Can You Hear Me?' at the Lesbian and Gay Foundation, on Friday July 26, 4-8pm, and Saturday 1pm-6pm, led by artist Charlotte Newson. Time for Change project.

We have taken part in this project, which will be fully exhibited in August, during Pride.

See poster below for details.


Sanctuary for Julienne - No Deportation - No Destitution

On Saturday 29th June 2013 Julienne and other people seeking sanctuary in the UK through claiming asylum held a rally in Bradford city center. The rally called for dignity and respect for all in the asylum system. It demanded basic human rights of safety, a roof over peoples head and enough to eat.  It was one of several demonstrations and rallies in cities across the UK.

From Bradford Women's Club, Bradford

Julienne in Dignity for Asylum Seekers - End Destitution rally in Bradford


Temporary Suspension of Entry

Due to the very large volume of demand relative to our capacity, we are, unfortunately, unable to accept new members at the moment. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Check our website again in October.

You may want to check other organisations for support, specifically:

Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST)
They have a Friday drop in between 11am-4pm.

Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF)
5 Richmond Street
Manchester, Greater Manchester M1 3HF
0845 330 3030



Supporting our work with a standing order

We had a temporary issue with the LISG bank account due to a change of address. This has now been resolved. We are aware that some people have had their standing orders bouncing back, and we would like to apologise for any concerns or inconvenience. If you have a standing order which your bank has cancelled, we very much hope that you will consider reinstating it.

Please see the 'How to Support Us' section of our site for the LISG standing order form, and details of how your contributions will be used to support our work. 

We also welcome any new supporters who wish to donate.
Many thanks for all your support, it really does make a difference.


Event Celebrating International Women's Day, March 12

Freedom From Torture and the Lesbian Immigration Support Group
are hosting a film screening of GETTINGOUT 
Filmed in Uganda, South Africa, Geneva, and London, with supporting footage from Malawi and Zimbabwe, the documentary highlights the struggle of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals in Africa and their difficulties seeking safety
Tuesday 12th March 2013, 7-9.30pm
3 Minute Theatre, Afflecks Arcade, Oldham St., M1 1JG
£3 entry (free for asylum seekers)

In association with COMMONWORD
For more information please contact Alice on 0161 236 5744 or email: anicolay@freedomfromtorture.org


Please sign our petition to support our member GLORY METFYEAN

We have set up a petition to the Home Office to grant Nigerian lesbian Glory Metfyean permission to stay in the UK
As an out lesbian Glory Metfyean would face a serious risk of persecution and severe harm if returned to Nigeria, a country where being gay or lesbian is a criminal offence. We ask the Home Office to grant her permission to remain in the UK and be safe from harm.

We would be really grateful if you could add your signature.
Please use the link below to sign our petition:
Petition the Home Office: Grant Nigerian lesbian Glory Metfyean permission to stay in the UK


Fundraising for destitute LISG member Glory Metfyean

Hello all

Please find an update on our member Glory . She is finally out of Yarl's Wood and back in Manchester with us. A supporter stood bail for her, and another supporter is providing a bail address, where Glory will be hosted until April.

We have effectively fundraised for some accommodation and utility costs for Glory, but we are short of about 150£. We would be very grateful if you could spare 10-20£ and contribute to building this amount. If you are interested in giving a small donation, please contact us at lisg.manchester(at)yahoo.co.uk

Thank you very much


Could you consider providing a bail address for Glory?

Dear friends and supporters

Glory, a member of the Lesbian Immigration Support Group (LISG) and also Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST), was detained on December 4th, and since then she has been held in Yarl's Wood detention centre. We are trying to get her out of detention, so that she can return to Manchester and resume her life while she is waiting to hear about the outcome of her case. In order that she may be released, we have someone to stand bail for her.

However, she still needs a bail address in Manchester. We are looking for a person who would be able to offer a bail address for her. What this involves is being able to offer accommodation to Glory for perhaps 4 to 6 weeks (at which time her NASS accommodation support should come through). The group could contribute some money towards expenses (food etc.). Also, the person hosting her will need to appear in court, held in Birmingham (the judge will want to see them and ask them a few questions). The notification for the date of the court will be at rather short notice, a few working days.

If you yourself or any of your contacts can offer to host Glory (under the conditions mentioned above), we would be really grateful. It would mean that Glory can return to freedom rather than living in captivity and imprisonment in the detention centre. We worry about her health and well-being in detention. Could you spread this information to others too?

If you are thinking about it, can you contact lisg.manchester@yahoo.co.uk and let us know?  You could also telephone 07503 351922.

Many thanks
Lesbian Immigration Support Group
January 9, 2013