LGBT history month

Had a great day at Working Class Movement Library in Salford for LGBT history month talks. Thanks for making us so welcome. 
Betty & Magadaline spoke about issues faced by lesbian women in their countries of origin & issued they face seeking asylum in the UK. On one hand there is the joy of going to LGBT events & meeting others. But the pain of being disbelieved by Home Office, of homelessness.
It was great to meet writer & historian Jane Traies who was speaking about life in 1960s & 70s for lesbians in the UK. There was isolation, many women who loved women just married men due to stigma & family pressure. Lesbian women has their kids taken away, lost their jobs, had medical interventions to make them straight.
Betty said she was so happy to be amongst some older lesbians for a change 

THANK YOU to the organisers of HER MCR club night at Tribecca who were raising money for us at their Anti Valentines event. We had a great time, what a great atmosphere!

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