Well, next Thursday it's our conference, Silence to Solidarity .....

**Thursday 9 July - our conference - from Silence to Solidarity**

***Well, next Thursday it's our conference, Silence to Solidarity exploring how to support lesbian and bisexual women asylum seekers. We've had bookings from people from a variety of backgrounds and sectors and we're excited to meet everyone.***

If you're planning on coming please visit our Eventbrite link to book your place.

LGBT asylum seekers flee from persecution from community & family members as well as state officials and anti-gay legislation. Lesbian and bisexual women face an additional layer of gender discrimination in their countries of origin which influences their experience seeking asylum in the UK.

Many countries which outlaw homosexuality also subject women to extremely conservative codes of behaviour. There are incredible cultural, practical and financial barriers to women supporting themselves independently; they are essentially unable to exist safely in the community without the protection of a male relative.

It is not uncommon for women who are claiming asylum on the basis of being gay to have been married to men, and had children.  Having followed heterosexual rites of passage in their country of origin, once in Britain these women face enormous barriers to proving to civil servants that they are gay. But what choice did they have in countries where threatening family honour carries a real risk of harm, and there are no laws to protect women from forced marriage and marital rape.

Would you be gay enough for the Home Office? - check out The Mirror's online quiz 'Does the Home Office think you’re gay?' http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/ampp3d/home-office-think-youre-gay-5280895

The sexual orientation of some women is not fixed. They may be bisexual, or they may establish a relationship with a woman late in life. Mary Portas was married to a man for 13 years and has two children, but is now in a relationship with a woman. If she was Ugandan and seeking asylum on the basis of sexuality would she be granted asylum?


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