Please help stop deportation of lesbian Nadine to Cameroon

Contact Air France Urgently

Please help stop the deportation of lesbian Nadine Ida Ketchakwe to Cameroon

She will be in enormous danger if she lands there.
Nadine is about to be returned to a country where homosexuality is illegal, an imprisonable offence and where just last week gay prisoner Roger Jean-Claude Mbédé died in suspicious circumstances  https://www.allout.org/en/actions/remember-roger).

Nadine was in a forced marriage and was raped repeatedly by her husband; her uncle and father also assaulted her; and she bears the scars of this abuse. Her husband has threatened to kill her for being lesbian. His brother is in the Cameroonian police and has also threatened her life.

Her claim for asylum was rejected as the judge didn't believe she's lesbian.
Despite letters of support from lesbian friends the judge said her claim to be lesbian was 'uncorroborated'. How do you prove you are a lesbian, if the accounts of other lesbians about you are not accepted?

What can you do?

Ask Air France & their staff to refuse to accept Nadine as a passenger.

"Air France: please don't fly lesbian Nadine back to face persecution in Cameroon"

Details of the flight:
AF1081 - 20 Jan 7:10 from Heathrow to Paris, Charles de Gaulle airport
AF900 - 20 Jan 13:35 from Paris CdG airport to Yaounde, Nsimalen International airport, Cameroon

Facebook - Air France fanpage is https://www.facebook.com/airfrance?filter=1
Tweeps - please tweet Air France UK here: https://twitter.com/AirFranceUK
Telephone - Customer Relations Dept. - 0871 66 33 777 (10p per minute from BT)
Email -
Frederic Gagey - Chairman of the Executive Committe - frgagey@airfrance.fr
Elise Biensan, Press and PR - elbiensan@airfrance.fr

Please help stop Nadine's deportation

The situation for LGBT people in Cameroon is getting worse -

Full story here
  Full story here


Full story here

Thank you

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