Lift to London October 24? Our members are keen to attend the launch of Double Jeopardy guide to working with LGBTIQ refugees

Last year some of our members attended a conference at University of Greenwich called "Double Jeopardy" about the particular difficulties of being LGBTIQ and an asylum seeker or refugee.
The DoubleJeopardy action research project is holding a meeting in London to share their findings, and to launch a guide for LGBTIQ organisations and refugee community organisations on how best to support LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers.

Our members have been invited and are keen to attend, but the organisers have no funds to support travel or accommodation. LISG funds are low and we need to prioritise other expenses.

Can you help please? Either by offering a lift to London on October 24th, or by making a donation specifically for members to attend this event?

If so please email us at: lisg.manchester(at)yahoo.co.uk, or tweet us @lisg_manchester

Many thanks!

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