Celebrate this International Women’s Day with us!

We are holding a fundraising and celebratory event on March 10 2012 3-7pm at the Nip and Tipple Bar in Whalley Range, Manchester.
We would like to invite all our friends, supporters and people who are interested in the group, in women's, LGBT and queer issues, in migration, asylum, (no) border, human rights and social justice issues to join us for this celebration.
The event will include live music, bands, poetry, performance acts, good company, and many other surprises! We hope you can join us!
Here's the line up for the afternoon:
Meet us, and hear our stories across borders 
Music performance
Spoken word performance by Ajah UK (http://www.myspace.com/ajahuk
Poetry by Maya Chowdhry (http://www.interactiveartist.org/)
Live music by Paula Darwish (http://countryandeastern.net/)
Raffle, Quiz
and plenty more surprises!

Great menu and drinks range at the bar.
All welcome, see you there!
Venue: Nip and Tipple, Upper Chorlton Road, Manchester, M16 0BH 
Wheelchair accessible

Here is some background to the artists performing:
  • Ajah UK
Ajah UK will be stripping down to spitting the poetry of their music

Ajah UK, photo by Karen McBride

  • Paula Darwish
 Although a songwriter in her own right, Paula Darwish has become more well
known in recent years for her unique and captivating interpretations of Turkish
and Kurdish folk songs.

  • Maya Chowdhry
Maya Chowdhry works in variety of art forms, favouring interactive, multi-media and site-specific installation work utilising new technology. Maya will give a spoken word performance at our Women's Day event.


  1. Hi, We'd love to include your International Women's Day event in our magazine!
    I'm collecting activities and stories from around the world for the March issue of our local (Hamburg) lesbian mag "escape" (www.escape-hamburg.de).
    If you're interested, it would be great if we could use the info and photo above.
    Thank you so much! Of course, I'll send you a copy of our magazine once it's out.
    synje [at] escape-hamburg.de

  2. Hi Synje, thanks for contacting us! Yes, we are happy if you use the info and picture above, and mention our event in your magazine as part of International WOmen's Day events. However, to clarify and be accurate, the photo above is of Ajah UK artists, who are in close contact with us, really supportive of our group, and collaborating with us for this event and other projects and workshops. I have asked them, and they said you can use the photo, they are happy with that. It is best to mention it is the Ajah UK artists' photo and acknowledge also the photographer (I put that info above). Also, if you need more information on our LISG group, click on the 'About us' section and you will see more about the group. You can also read more about Ajah UK artists on their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ajah-UK/185310934882967
    Thanks for your interest in our group, and in the event!
    all the best


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